The High School Of Basketball

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It was a Friday night sitting aside from the gym court as I watched two teams about to face each other. They were both great high schools and both in devision two in the sport of basketball. It was Hope High School (aka: Blue Wave) verses my school, Mount Pleasant High School also know as the Kilties. I alway hated Hope High School for their Blue Wave cockiness. That night in side the loud, hot, and sweaty high school gym, was the night of most intimidation. As the crowd cheered loudly for the Blue Wave Team, I looked up at the points differences on the billboard. Our coordination as a team was not bad, but it was not well enough to go against our other division two competent. The first half of the game us, the Kilties, were playing horrible. The second half of the game us, as the mighty Kilties, knew not to give up because we knew karma has its own fate even in the sport of basketball. It was going to be our second half of the game to score our points up and reach up to the conceited team know as the Blue Wave. We might of won most games but other games had been losses. During my high school year at Mount Pleasant High I played a game I will always remember as a foreign Kilties. Through the loss of this particular game it tough me that jealousy can over come a persons competitive side of them. Intimidation that night caused an effect within me that brought my self-esteem to a lower level. It was just first quarter of the nights game where the Blue Waves’ were up on their
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