The High School Of New York City And Its High Academic Standard And Moral Code Of Conduct

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Ngan Tran
Ms. Conant
Anonymous Email At the local town of New York City, there is a well-known school with its high academic standard and moral code of conduct. Whenever someone stopped by Amsterdam Academy, it would difficult for them to leave because of the beauty views and friendly people in here. However, my school is so strict about moral status, the only condition to attend in this school is promising to uphold high moral standard. That was also a challenge for many students to be honest in their high school career, including me. I myself felt proud and fortunate to attend this campus, especially when I received financial assistance from school for many years because my parents could barely afford my tuition. I always worked hard …show more content…

When I think about history, I always feel distress because the ton of information, somewhere out there, are trying to blur out my brain and make me want to sleep. However, my history teacher is very nice and helpful. She always finds a new method of teacher that make students engaging within participating in class. I always get into the way Mrs. May teaches us, her experiences and her stories are so interesting. But one thing we realized that was never cheat in her class because she will be really upset about it. A couple months had passes, school reached almost to the end of the quarter. We had many exams coming up for the evaluation grade of the quarter. History final exam made me so nervous and scared, even though I preformed well through the quarter. Then Wednesday came, it was our test date. Everyone seemed so nervous, some people were talking about how they studied very hard for the test, some people are isolated themselves with the study guides on their hands and some are just hang out on their phones. When the bell rang, the whole class turned to silent, Mrs. May went to front with stack of paper in her hand. "Are you ready, my friend?", she asked. She usually called us "friends" because she said it would make us feel better to be in her class. The whole class with their powerful annotation " Yes, ma 'am!". I was ready to take this test, a test that would measure how much I learned from last couple months. She

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