The History Of Schizophreni Uncovering The Truth Behind The Misconception

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The History of Schizophrenia: Uncovering the truth behind the misconception Chinedum Nkemakolam College of Staten Island, City University of New York Schizophrenia is a truly peculiar ailment, not only due to the nature of its symptoms, but also the vast range of interpretations it has been subject to over the ages. It has been attributed to terms such as “madness” or “possession”, and even mislabeled by those who have not taken the time to conduct in-depth research concerning its origins or agents of causation. This general misunderstanding of the disease has led to many controversies concerning the treatments and care given to those afflicted. I believe that even with the present advances in medicine and psychological awareness, the true definite causes and most effective treatments for schizophrenia are far from being discovered, mainly due to the constant generalization of symptoms among psychological disorders attributed to the society’s high demand for some form of treatment (no matter how minor the effect is), as well as the desire of drug companies to allocate revenue from the sale of pharmaceuticals. In spite of this, there is still the potential for a cure to be discovered in the far future, due to biogenetic research currently being conducted in order to better understand this disease. History of Schizophrenia Arrival of the notion Schizophrenia has been observed and studied since the 1800’s. It was originally categorized as a type of dementia by Dr.

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