The History, Strengths, and Limitations of the Renaissance Scholars Program

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Program Description Renaissance Scholars Program (RSP) is a Program founded at the California State University of Fresno. This program can be found under the student supportive services umbrella of Educational opportunities Programs (EOP) (Fresno State News 2008). RSP seeks to alter and improve the standards of care for transitional aged youth leaving the foster care system and transitioning into secondary education (Fresno State News 2008). Furthermore, RSP is centered on creating a linked network of services for support through varied departments at Fresno State University (Fresno State News 2008). Also, RSP uses community resources to ensure this high risk student population receives services that prolong and increase their positive academic, personal, social, emotional, financial, and professional status while attending college (Fresno State News 2008). The type of services that RSP offers are admissions assistances, university orientation, financial aid assistance, academic advising and monitoring, career counseling and assistance, individual and group counseling, social activities, mentoring opportunities, leadership opportunities, scholarship & grant opportunities, year around housing, and student advocacy (Fresno State News 2008). RSP ultimate goal is to support ambitious college bound aging out foster care youth and students with independent status. Moreover, this program is determined to provide a secure consistent support system, empowering these youth to
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