The History of Softball

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History of Softball

This paper is going to be over the topic of softball. The history of softball, how it has changed over the years as well as the creation and invention. Believe it or not softball was created by males. People consider it a women’s sport though. Softball was created in 1887 when men joined together in Chicago Farragut baseball club to listen to Harvard vs Yale football game. The inventor of indoor baseball was George Hancock. The reason it was invented it because a Yale supporter threw and boxing glove at a Harvard fan while yell “let’s play ball”. It then became its own sport in 1991. The first game was played on Thanksgiving. The rules for softball we created in 1889 which was only 2 years after they game was even thought of. Softball and baseball are known as the same sport. As of a girls ball it is much bigger than a boy’s baseball but the boys ball is known for is hardness. The male’s field is bigger than a girls diamond/field. The most common and noticeable of all is that a male’s ball is white while the female ball is yellow/green. The overall concept of the game is the same just a few small differences which consists of gender, fast or slow pitch, and both field and ball sizes. The name of the sport (softball) didn’t even make known until 1926 contributed by a YMCA member. A few fun facts, softball was the 1st women’s team. In 1895 they had 9 people playing short stop with

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