The History of the United States Air Force Essay

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The United States Air Force is a dedicated and effective establishment, and has been a great advantage in protecting the United States during numerous wars. It all started on August 1, 1907, General James Allen, Cheif Signal Officer or the U.S Army created and established the Aeronautical Division. He entrusted this organization with "All matters pertaining to military ballooning air machines and related subjects." (Creation) Allen then put in command, Captain Charles D. Chander who was assisted by two enlisted men. The Aeronautical Division is the very beginning of todays U.S Airforce. Then in July of 1914, the aeronautical division was put under the Aviation Section. It directed the Aviation Section to operate and supervise …show more content…

Then, nearly one and a half years later, the Army reorganization act of 1920 made the Air Services into a combatant arm of the military. A few years later, the Air Corps act of 1926 replaced the Army Air Service with the Army Air Force. In September of 939, when World War II was put into motion, the Air Corps began to steadily develop. A few years later, on June 20,1941, the Departent of War formed the Army Air Forces as it's aviation sector. Soon after, it was made equivalent to the army's ground forces and the Air Corps remained one of the Army's combat arms, like infantry. When the surprise attack on Hawaii took place, the development of the Army Air Forces oversaw the assembly of the nation's aviation manufactury and establishment of the largest air armada of all time. By this time, the Army Air Forces was the strongest they had ever been with 80,000 aircraft and 2.4 million personnel divided into different commands, divisions, and groups. But after the conclusion of WWI, the US demobilized it's armed forces right away. (Missions) Because of the Army Air Forces wartime achievments and future potential, the AAF expanded and from then on it was called The United States Air Force. This new name brought independence as a full partner with the army and the navy. (USAF) The United States Air Force has traveled on a dangerous road to get to where it is now, this path has been crucial in creating a strong foundation and

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