The Hittites: Key Players In Naming

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The Hittites were one of the main key players in the creation and the naming of the continent of Asia. The Hittites were constituents of the early Indo-European people, who appeared in Anatolia, the region was known as ‘Land/Kingdom of the Hatti’ from c. 2350 BCE until 63- BCE, which at the present day refers to Turkey (Mark, 2012). The Hatti were indigenous people who inhabited central Anatolia. The Hatti established trade with the cities of Mesopotamia which helped in the development of their kingdom. In 2500 BCE, the Hatti were able to establish their capital city on a hill at the city of Hattusa (Mark, 2012)..
The great Sargon of Akkad tried to invade Hattusa between circa 2334-2279 BCE but failed. Following his grandfather’s conquest,

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