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The Hobbit is a fantasy novel written by English author J. R. R. Tolkien and it was published on 21 September 1937. The novel is about quest and adventures of Bilbo Baggins through to the Lonely Mountain. The book still remains popular in children’s literature. The story is told in a heroic way and basically is about Bilbo gaining new level of maturity, wisdom and losing his innocence. Themes are pretty much personal growth, heroism and war. Tolkien had four children and he used to write stories for his kids to enjoy. Then he collected these stories and created whole new world in the literature.
In order to understand plot and what’s going in that universe, I will give brief information about characters first. Bilbo Baggins is our protagonist and by far the most important character of the novel. The plot is shaped around his actions and feelings. He is a hobbit. Hobbits are small people, even smaller than dwarfs. They live in a
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Biblo gets in and steals a heavy two-handed cup from the dragon’s vast hoard of treasure and returns to the dwarfs. In the meantime Bilbo sees the weak point of Smaug. He has a weak point on his chest where he has no armor. Then Smaug notices that cup is missing and he realizes that lake-man of Esgaroth mush have helped them. Smaug flew above and attacked lake-town Dale and destroyed the whole city. But there is an archer in that city, Bard. He takes his great bow and Black Arrow hit Smaug in the weak spot and kills him. Tidings are spreading all over the world that Smaug is dead. So creatures from everywhere arrive to the Mountain to get some piece of from the treasure. Then goblins and Wargs appear. Elves, dwarfs and the humans becomes one against another enemy. They fight together and barely win. Thorin dies at the end of the war. Then everyone goes home. The end. Here is brief summary of the

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