The Holocaust Of The World War II

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Elie Wiesel Says..
Nowadays, people tend to forget the morality of human beings. For instance, the people in today’s world are attracted to greed or power letting their mind and body rot them. However, are we doing a right in letting people like that win? It might not seem much or anything, but as history has shown us otherwise with World War II. Like letting a tyrant leader like Adolf Hitler take over different countries and bring in what is believed the most horrific discrimination ever known. Therefore, it is right to agree with Elie Wiesel a former target of the Nazi Final Solution that the moment race and religion are involved then that soon must become the center of the universe’s attention.
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The only reason Britain and France actually cared to fight against Hitler was the invasion of Poland. In addition, the same goes for the United States when they entered the world war because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. So it comes to question does anyone in the world have any heart? Some say yes and others say no. However, why did the world not listen to what was going on? Government elites must have known but ignored and came only to care when their country was on jeopardy.
On the other hand, most people believe that this ideal of race and religion discrimination has ended and that the world is a lot better today than the way it was began. They are right that world is better than it was, yet race and religion discrimination has only tricked to a certain amount. For instance, former president Donald Trump has since shown his hate towards Mexican Americans by exponentially criticizing them on national television and during his presidential speeches. He has also stated in letting all illegal and legal Mexican Americans transfer back to Mexico. However, the catch is only if one obviously is that they are illegal and two if they have any criminal record against federal and state government.
Therefore, what is there to be said about the universe? Some state that it is good and beneficial, but he just started and is already bringing up different types of chaos like insulting Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and forcing Mexico to pay for a border wall that the

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