The Holocaust: The Tragedy Of The Holocaust

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"The Holocaust did not [just] happen because the German people...demanded it, but rather because a widely popular dictator and his fanatical followers planned it, because the country's elite shared enough of Nazi anti- Semitism to participate in the killing and because the rest of the country looked the other way." The Holocaust was a tragedy that occurred in the early 1940’s and has forever been remembered. The Holocaust is known worldwide as the genocide of roughly six million European Jews during World War II emphasizing an execution that was by the German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, the Holocaust has been involved throughout Germany's history in having an impact in the lives of those who were involved in the tragedy and the …show more content…

The reason for numerous deaths of all Jewish population was caused by World War II, that Adolf Hitler began; World War II was an aftermath of World War I. To begin with, World War 1 ended with the treaty of Versailles causing the war to come to an end with Germany and the Allied powers. Germany had lost the war causing them to have a major downfall with the treaty making Germany pay enormous amount of money for the damages that were caused by war. The money that Germany had to pay was to be used for repairs the war had caused, “The problem with the treaty is that it left the German economy in ruins. People were starving and the government was in chaos.” The treaty brought horrible economic problems to Germany causing many problems with their people causing the people to starve as well as their government having to be surrounded by …show more content…

Hitler knew that if he wanted to end Germany’s suffering he needed help to restore their economy, “He allied Germany with Mussolini and Italy. Then Hitler looked to restore Germany to power by expanding his empire.” After joining allies with Mussolini and Italy he began to obtain power. In 1938 Hitler took over Austria and he became highly powerful when the league of nation did nothing to stop Hitler from taking over Austria. As he became bolder he took over Czechoslovakia and a year later, after he invaded Austria. In 1939 Hitler invading Poland, “ September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, which led Britain and France to declare war on Hitler’s Nazi state in retaliation.” Once Hitler had invaded Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany creating the start of World War II.
Furthermore, after invading Poland the Germans created these neighborhoods called ghettos throughout the cities for Jews to live in creating the birth of The Holocaust. The ghettos killed over 10,000’s Jews, “in the cramped ghettos was appalling, and disease, hunger, and overcrowding killed tens of thousands.” Since Hitler wanted to get rid of Jews he began to cramp the Jewish people in homes

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