The Holocaust: Why the Jews?

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The holocaust was a traumatic event that took millions of lives. Hitler led the holocaust in an attempt to single out the Jewish race for genocide. He thought they were unclean. My history teacher said, at first he didn’t want to kill them but send them elsewhere. He wanted to ship all the Jews off to Madagascar (“Sanders”). Hitler strongly believed that Jews would be the downfall of the Germans. Hitler hated the Jews and blamed them for the loss of WWI. He called the plan to exterminate the Jews, the “Final Solution.” According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust it’s “A Nazi euphemism for the plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe” (“Resistance”). Hitler’s main goal before he died, his number one priority was the complete annihilation and genocide of the Jews. The Jews lived in Germany with Germans. They created the Nuremberg laws which made very detailed definitions of who the Jews were living amongst the German population. Many people who never considered themselves The Jews were suddenly targets of the Nazis. They were banned from public places such as, pools, movies, and resorts. They were forced to wear badges with the Star of David on it and had to have an identification card on them at all times (“Victims”). The Jews randomly were targeted, searched for, and found. They were put on a list and had to wear a patch to make sure everyone knew who the Jews were. Hitler had called them unclean. He said they ruined Germany. That they couldn’t or

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