The Holocaust and The Final Solution

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The Holocaust is known to be time in history when Adolf Hitler was given power and used his power to attempt to eliminate all Jews in Europe. This essay will discuss Hitler’s anti-Semitic racial beliefs towards Jews, the consequences of his actions and the Final Solution. The Holocaust started around Germany only, though not long after it had spread along all Europe. Hitler instructed the Nazis in Germany in 1933 to eliminate all Jews in Europe any way they could and to destroy their homes, families and communities. The killing during the Holocaust didn’t only involve Jews, homosexuals, gypsies; people with physical or mental disabilities, some slaves and criminals were also killed. All these people were killed because Hitler considered them ‘undesirable’ and he believed that they didn’t deserve to be in Germany or have any rights. These people were either killed in gas chambers at concentration camps or extermination camps or they were brutally beaten and shot in front of everyone. The following paragraph will discuss Hitler’s racial beliefs towards Jews.

Before The Holocaust and The Final Solution, Jews all around Europe were considered equal to non-Jewish people and weren’t treated any different. Jews before the Holocaust were very similar to Germans. They were considered to have a high intellectual level on average and the were treated equally. After Hitler came to power and began to punish the Jewish people, they weren’t allowed in the civil service, they weren’t
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