The Homeric Odyssey By Christopher Mcquarrie And Directed By Bryan Singer

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The Homeric Odyssey is a timeless work that shadows the adventures of Odysseus. The main story involves Odysseus’ journey to return home after the Trojan War. Specifically in scrolls 8-12 of the Homeric Odyssey, Homer skips around the journey occasionally to show the audience the construction of the hero of the epic, namely, Odysseus. The events in Homer’s epic are not in chronological order; however, the events are effective on guiding Odysseus as a storyteller. Scrolls 8-12 of the Homeric Odyssey demonstrate that Odysseus escapes the dangers of his journey through the skill of metis. The skill of metis is demonstrated through a mystery-thriller film The Usual Suspects (1995). In addition, the mystery thriller is written by Christopher McQuarrie and directed by Bryan Singer. Similar to Odysseus’ tales to the Phaeacians, the character Verbal Kint allows his audience to adjust to the form and content of a story. Kint has the ability to create a thriller story inside of a thriller story and shows the talent of storytelling. The classical Odyssey and modern example The Usual Suspects (1995), both employ a strategy where the narrator has the ability to weave a story to save their own lives through the skill of metis. Scrolls 8-12 of the Homeric Odyssey are crucial to the construction of the hero Odysseus in order to display metis. In a variety of events within the Odyssey, Odysseus shows cleverness in such a way that other characters will not be tempted to prevent

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