The Homocide Detectives

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The Homicide Detectives
Mohammad K. Hussain

Sarah (Centre) – Main Detective, graduated from Ryerson University. Tough, alert and abrupt, apart from being beautiful and a good person, great daughter and soon to be a great wife…

Lizzy (right) – Autopsy Doctor, PhD. From Stanford national forensic institute. Geeky, straight forward and a loving mother of two.

Jennifer (left) – Intern from Harvard, partner of Sarah, sizzling young beauty with brains, shopaholic and a party girl.

A warm and beautiful morning, birds chirping and flowers blooming…”What can a woman like me do to spend a beautiful day like this?” Asks Sarah herself in the dining table sipping coffee while making breakfast. She has devoted her life to the crime unit, investigating and committed to making a safe city. “I’d wish I had some quality time with my parents and of course with Ryan”, she exclaims.

She has been in a relationship with Ryan, a senior detective in the crime unit, unfortunately transferred to another city. Time was just passing by in the table while she received a text which read “Homicide at 1227 Avenue park…be there in ten…” Hasting toward the hall to pick up her badge, gun and her car keys she says “yet another homicide…well, let’s see what happens when we get there…” She then starts the car and prepares to leave.

As she parks her car and approaches the crime scene, she is greeted with Lizzy. ”Hey, there you are…how was the weekend? Never

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