The Hopeless Outlook for Victorian Society in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine

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The Hopeless Outlook for Victorian Society in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine In the 'Time Machine', H G Wells writes about what he depicts the future to be like. He explains in great detail his views of evolution and Dystopia. The world he has travelled to could for all he knows be another planet. It is the definition of a Dystopia, with to opposite species living against each other, one calm and peaceful whilst the other is out to destroy the calm species, needing to kill them to live. Wells writes about a future where technology has advanced so much that people become lazy causing technology to go back on itself. In the first two chapters of the novel, Wells depicts the Victorian age as a …show more content…

A time machine is a very detailed piece of work, it is also very technologically advanced. When the Time Traveller arrives in the future, he is initially impressed by the world he finds, he is lost for words as is he is impressed with what he sees around him, "My sensations would be hard to describe," The Time Traveller cannot describe his feelings for what he can see, perhaps this is because it is so different from what he is used to, and Victorians are possibly not used to such a change. They live in a very ordinary world where doing the same and everything being the same all the time is normal. The whole place seems new to him and he is not used to it. His descriptions are odd as he describes it as a "waste of beautiful bushes and flowers," his surroundings are also described as "shadowy and mysterious." These descriptions show it is in a way peaceful, but different. The people he meets seem to have "a certain lack of interest" In the Time Traveller, which could mean they are not alarmed by him as they have never come across anything of any danger during the day time, maybe they feel he is of no harm as he is not attacking during the night. At first sight the Time traveller notices huge impressive buildings built with great detail, but

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