The Horror Of Horror Movies

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Having Halloween just around the corner the horror genre has been on demand. What is a horror genre? Horror is defined as being “an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust” and genre is defined as being “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter” according to Oxford Dictionary. Therefore a horror genre is a horror film in one of the many categories in a genre that makes the audience feel fear, shock or disgust. Many of the films that everyone watches today are now called movies. Since scary movies have been requested, Netflix has even added a “Halloween favorites” on its search bar.
Every female and male role has being portrayed in horror movies.
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Also, Tommy saves Kara and her son Danny because Michael wanted to kill them since they were living in his house. Tommy is a good example of being a savior since he defeated Michael. Tommy defeated Michael in the lab where he injects Michael with a liquid, which then makes him unconscious for a bit. Tommy then takes his chance and gets a pipe, which then he starts beating Michael. That is how he defeats Michael. Like theirs villains in horror movies theirs also monsters. In 30 Days of Night Sheriff Eben has to inject himself with vampire blood so that he can fight off the vampire elder Marlow and save his one true love Stella. After the defeat of Marlow he watches the sunrise with Stella and then is turned to ash, he sacrificed himself to save the people he loved. Horror movies portray females in a positive way as being intelligent and thinkers. “Films like Alien and The Shining often feature a strong female lead; a well-developed character who steps forward and shows uncommon courage or strength”(Mandell). For example in Sorority Row the sorority sisters try to figure out who the killer is and why does he want to kill them now. In the beginning the sisters believe its Chug’s little brother Garrett playing a bad prank on them but turns out Garrett was getting the same threatening text as the girls. Jessica then runs over Garrett after he tries to stab Cassidy with a
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