The Horror of Genocide in Our World

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After viewing the full-length documentary on “Genocide: Worse Then War,” I understand what genocide is now and just how many people it has affected then and now as survivors and family members re tell the stories from what they remember. This video starts out by explaining what genocide is and how it’s worse than war because thousands of people were killed at once and no one was stopping this from happening. This video starts out in Rwanda showing the people that have murdered people during the genocide and a man being interviewed explains some people may kill two or three people while some may have killed thousands, also some may have never killed any but they still contributed to the massive killing. When in Rwanda the footage shown in the film is showing men at a concentration camp digging hole or burring the killed victims and plowing the land for it to be planted. Elie Ngarambe also explains how a machete killed these people. He explains that people were hacked with the machete to death, sometimes more than once depending on how they were hit cutting off the heads and other body parts off the victims. As said in the film there have been more than a hundred million people killed in genocide making the total larger than any war fought in that time making genocide worse than war. Darfur is the…

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