The House On A Street Play Analysis

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Once again, when Rue is dead, Katniss gives the Three Finger Salute in front of the camera, meaning her grief and showing her love and gratitude to Rue. People form district eleven where is Rue’s hometown gives the Three Finger Salute back and shows their honor to Katniss. Also, maybe there is no word can be more powerful and proper than this gesture to express everyone’s feeling. Although it seems to be simple, it has obtained everything with love and hope. Until this scene, Katniss’ kindness and courage have already moved all the people and give everyone the hope which means she becomes the figure of hope. The eleventh scene is happening in the cave where Katniss and Peeta is hiding from the other tributes. Peeta’s leg is hurt from the sword and he has a fever. To get sponsors, Katniss kisses Peeta on the cheek, and then, they do receive a can a soap. No matter if Katniss does start to like Peeta or she is just doing it for a show, their interaction get sponsors’ like. The haptic acts (touch behavior) they start to do are all tying to prove that they are in love. They use some tie signs to indicate they are in a relationship; for example, Katniss feeds Peeta the soup and she also lies one his chest and falls asleep together. To heal Peeta’s wound, she risks her life to go out of the cave to get the …show more content…

She suggests Peeta to eat poison berries together which pretending they choose to die for love. She knows the Capitol will not allow the game has no victor so that they will let both her and Peeta alive. For love, Peeta trusts her and is willing to die wit her, but she knows she is not meant to die for real; on the contrary, she is trying to live and save herself and Peeta. Rather than saying “I love you” in the end, she says “Trust me” to Peeta. What she says has proved her real thought. The choice of words reveals her initial

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