The House On Mango Street Summary

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There is a girl, who got everything she wants. A huge house, horses, amazing dresses, and, her birthday is right around the corner. Throughout the novel Esperanza learns to not be afraid to start over as she shows personal growth in the face of her father's death, their house burning down and Tio Luis proposing to mama, and her mother getting sick. Her father dies unexpectedly one night, and they faced with grief and disbelief. Shortly after Esperanza's uncles, Tio Luis and Tio Marco come and apologize for their loss. After, the uncles come back to talk about “family business”. The lawyer tells Mama that Tio Luis is the owner of the land and their house and their grapes are on his land too. Tio Luis then proposes to Mama and says that they will be very happy and they can continue life as the way it was. Of course, Mama refuses and Tio Luis says he will make life very hard for them. That night Esperanza woke up to her mother screaming “Esperanza!” he mother told her that the house was on fire and they need to get out. …show more content…

Death is a serious thing and it is very sad, especially if that person is love. The night before Esperanza’s birthday is when she was told, that her father was dead. At first, she was sad, as seen in this quote, “Have you not heard? Papa is dead.” She gets passed this tragedy by staying calm and not thinking about it. At first, she doesn’t really believe that her father is dead. After a while though she realizes and gets over the fact, that she will never see her father again. Although, throughout the story memories of her father come to her. Esperanza becomes less hypersensitive and more determined, because of this. This is very good for her well being. For example, then she won’t be as upset if something unfortunate happens, or she has a problem. Also, after this, she is more and more determined to be there for Mama and more determined to impress her and help

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