What Is Gravity?

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In this paper, information regarding the reduction of gravity is converted to microgravity. Microgravity is defined as little gravity because mikros is a (Greek) term for small (NASA, 2014). The word gravity is defined as any environment where gravity levels are significantly reduced compared to those we experience at Earth’s surface (NASA, 2014).
Have you ever wondered what would happen to the human body if there was no gravity on earth? How would our bodies function? What types of physical affects would this have on the bones, muscles, neurological, and the cardiovascular system? These are questions that often cross in our thoughts and of Sir Isaac Newton; and the answers are in the human body.
The scientific approaches and supported by evidence-based research to provide a brief description of the human body response to zero gravity in this paper.

Since the beginning of time, gravity has been around us. The important things we take for granted like the ability to move our body parts, agriculture or the cultivation and breeding of animals, even the structural support of buildings and roads are all influenced by gravity. Gravity is an invisible force that brings any object with energy and mass to its center and is made of quantum particles called gravitations.

These small scales of atoms and sub atoms of energy gives weight to any physical object and impacts natural phenomenon. It keeps us to the Earth’s land surface, the

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