The Human Cost Of An Illiterate Society

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REVOLUSTUIN OF LERANING What is definition of new education? People get educated from School, home and society, so learning method change during the period of time. Education stared to fight with illiteracy and the most beneficial of formal education is decreasing number of illiterate people in the world since last decades. According to short “The Human Cost Of an illiterate society” Kozol agues how illiterates stop a society to be more development “The number of illiterates adults exceeds by 16 million the entire vote cast for the winner in 1980 presidential contest”(Kozel94). Later, Baker in “School Vs. Education “ argues how education in not enough for children in schools Even though education is essential and valuable, present education system should constantly being reviewed and updated in grading method, using technology, and adding hands-on learning to be support todays society and industries demands.

The grading system is failed cause student focus on score and being on top of the class. In school, children may learn basic academic skills. Also, they may discover social knowledge by attending at the school, which the educational system base for testing and grading; therefore, they will evaluate with marks and understand of teacher’s technique “This stage lasts twelve years, a period during which the child learns that success comes from telling testers what that want to hear”(Baker 72). In fact this structure helps student to prepare for

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