The Human Development Index Is Vast Improvement on Measures of Development in Terms of Income

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The critical difference between most development models and human development index is that most development models exclusively focus on the expansion of income while the human development index embraces embraces the enlargement of all human choices – economic, political, social and cultural which all affect income. Comparing countries’ GNP (or GDP) per capita is the most common way of assessing their level of development. This model of economic growth was based on a very weak foundation that was not sustainable over the long-term politically, economically or ethically. Higher per capita income in a country does not always mean that its people are better off than those in a country with lower income, because there are many aspects of human …show more content…

It does not replace GDP, but it adds considerably to an understanding of the real position of a society in several aspects, it is multi dimensional.

Poverty promotes vulnerability. By focusing on improving the education, health and skills of people, it enables people to participate in the economy because there is a more equitable distribution of income and assets, which results in a growth process as well as a share of benefits, particularly through employment. Basically, if a country has already built up considerable human capital then by choosing the correct policies and frameworks that allow the exploitation of these capabilities, room for progress is created. Income is influx, consumption that at the end of a period will leave an individual with the same amount goods as from the beginning of that particular period, with expectations of future goods. This definition continues to embody my theory that the development of human capabilities is a source of income. The human development index represents the presumed link between expanding income and expanding human choices. In terms of longevity and stability, quality and distribution of economic growth is more important than the rate of economic growth over a short period of time. A link between growth and human lives must be created, government spending on social services, and fiscal policies that allow social safety nets to be created within a

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