The Human Genome Project

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The author, Francis S. Collins, is the man responsible for the successful completion of Human Genome Project (HGP). HGP is an international multidisciplinary scientific research project which was involved in mapping and sequencing human DNA and determining the various aspects of its function. With this incredible expertise to his credit, Dr. Collins in the book ‘The Language of Life’ talks about personalizing medicine by understanding the DNA of each individual. The author starts by narrating some real life incidents of his family members which threw light on the importance of DNA sequencing, then the author goes to talk about various situations and conditions which all implicate the importance of personalized medicine in today’s world. In this book, the author focuses on cancer, microbiome, brain disorders, aging and the genetics related with them. The main underlying point in explaining the genetics of each of the conditions is to reiterate the importance of sequencing DNA beforehand so that a personalized medicine for the disease can be developed and the disease can be treated well before its advanced stage with serious effects.
The book talks about many fascinating facets of DNA and the important message they contain which when understood can help us to make significant contributions to the field of medicine. The topic which aroused my interest the most in this book is the last chapter called ‘A Vision for the future’. As the chapter’s heading suggests this chapter is

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