Human Genome Project Research Paper

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The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project basically was a research program that worked on a goal to get an image of human genome and get a better understanding of all a human beings genes. DNA is founded on 4 chemical bases, they turn into twisted ladder shaped DNA molecules. And all the the four bases are what create the genes just placed in different ways and different lengths. One revelation of the human genome project was when they learned that there are about 20,500 genes. The Human Genome Project brought many scientist together around the world and each one was an important factor for the project. It was a publicly funded organization and got funds and support from the Department of Energy and US National Institutes of Health …show more content…

During the project the scientist goals were to get a finish a whole set of the 3 billion DNA base pairs that make the human genome. They also wanted to be able to find 20,000 to 25,000 human genes. As well as finding the genomes of different organisms that are vital to medical research like a mouse or a fruit fly. Not only did they want to make discoveries in their research but they also wanted to make new tools they could use to get and analyze new data to spread the availability of their information. Some goals were completed and others were not but some of the things they did accomplish were getting a high quality finished sequence of almost the entire human genome. As well as the genome of other organisms including a roundworm and a fruit fly. On their last year they announced that they had completed the genome mouse. The research the scientists made were made viable to view on the internet by the …show more content…

The information that scientists have gathered can be viewed as a set of inheritable instructions for the function of a person's development. People still use the tools scientists made during the Human Genome Project to extend their efforts for characterizing all of the genomes of many different organisms. Its used a lot in biological research for mice, fruit flies and flatworms. Not only did they increase the materials scientists can use, they also provided new advanced methods for understanding and organizing information that came from the Human Genome Project for scientists and other people. The DNA the scientist used for the project came from volunteers whose identity was kept a secret. They provided the scientist with samples of DNA for sequencing. This gave them more than enough DNA to sort through and gather information

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