The Human Mind And Behavior As Individuals And Small Groups

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A. Unlike psychology which focuses on leaning the human mind and behavior as individuals and small groups, sociology is the course to study human social relations and the society itself. Sociology focuses on explaining societal behavior by studying how gender, race, social classes, religion, socioeconomic status, and sexuality can associate with the overall culture.
Example of sociology, social stratification, sociology will lean about how social stratification is formed and how it divides the people, and how people in the different class identify themselves and behave towards others who come from either the same or another class, while psychology will find out how human mind and behavior of some certain groups or individuals reacts and changes in the specific social class.
B. Labeling is a theory that we will put the labels on the some specific groups or individuals. Labeling theory helps understand how our society creates deviance. Being labeled means being interpreted and defined as deviant by the law, which is our so-called social norm. The label is to make the society easily identify and locate the deviant and criminal acts, and hence it will change one’s social status and social association with others if one has a label.
However, the label will impact negatively on one’s self –esteem and self-identity. Since the label is socially constructed, once the person is being label, he/she can hardly remove it. Consequently, the label may turns into a stigma that makes

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