Karl Marx's Contribution To Sociology Research Paper

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Discussion forum unit 1 sociology
Question: what do you make of Karl Marx’s contributions to sociology? What perceptions of Marx have you been exposed to in your society, and how do those perceptions influence your views.
I thought the concept of sociology referred to how people socialize in communities. Little did I know that sociology study all aspects of life, including how society and people affect each other positively or negatively. I also did not know that sociology looks at what makes people exhibit behaviours that may deviate from the set norms and values of society.
What do you make of Karl Marx’s contributions to sociology?
Marx was an economist and viewed social events from a materialistic or economic perspective.
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He exposed the injustice and corrupt system characterised by capitalistic economies where the motives and intentions are to maximise profits at the expense of workers. The result was an income gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’. The gap grew wider as the owners of the factories became richer and the workers grew poorer, even though the workers were directly involved in the production of goods and services. Even today, this inequality results in social instability and conflicts in our society because of the uneven distributions of resources.
Feminism theory .
This is another sociological theory that addresses the emancipation among women because most socities look at women as objects of abuse.
According to women sociologist Martineau, feminist sociology has focused on power relationships and inequalities between men and women.How can the condition faced by women be addressed,(Little, 2014, p .31). Marx’s critique of capitalism and the feminist of patriarchy for example led to very interesting insights into how structures of power and inequality work, but from a point of view that sees only the most revolutionary transformation of society as a solution,(Little, 2014 , p. 32).

What perception of Marx have I been exposed to in my
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