Essay about The Human Right Violation that is Child Marriage

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Marriage” a ceremony in which two people are married to each other”. To many people, marriage is much more than that, marriage is a happy ending, a way to be happy and stay with the person you love the most forever.Marriage mean a big wedding,beautiful wedding dresses, celebrate with your friends and families, a vow to love each other forever. Marriage is supposed to be the happiest day in a girl’s life, but to many girls in Africa, marriage is a way to survive, a solution to poverty, a way to take their childhood and education away, a world full of violence, abuse,and inequality. Every year, more than a million girls in the developing world are married as children, denied their right to educations,health and opportunities, and even…show more content…
In some places, child marriages is a traditional practices that simply happened for generations- straying from the tradition could mean dishonor the family or exclusion from the communities.It’s also view as a mean of preserving family’s honor, strengthening economic, political ties or social among families, communities, castes, or tribes. Child marriages can have devastating consequences for girls.Child brides are more likely than unmarried girls to die younger,suffer from health problems, live in poverty,and being uneducated.Neither is physically or emotionally ready for gives birth, child bride faces a higher risk of death in childbirth and might suffer from many pregnancy-related injuries.Mortality rates for babies who born to mothers under 20 are higher than for children born to older mothers.The children that survived are more likely at risk to contracting HIV/AIDS, have a low birthweight, and more likely to develop disability.Child brides are often pulled out school and refuse to get them any further education.Their children are also more likely to be uneducated like their mothers. Child brides are poor and more likely to remain poor because they are isolated and denied them to get any

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