The Human Rights Act 1998 Essay

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Human Rights Act 1998
The Human Rights Act 1998 sets out the rights and freedoms of every citizen in the United Kingdom. The HRA has three main effects, the first one is that it incorporates set out in the European Convention of Human Rights into British law. Therefore if someone in the UK were to breech your Human Rights you would be able to deal with this through the British court instead of the European Court of Human Rights in France, which is what people had to do previously if their human rights were breeched. This means in Britain in requires everyone (schools, police, courts, local authorities and hospitals) carrying out public functions to respect and protect their own and others human rights. These rights are called Convention Rights.
For the Human Rights Act to work it means all public bodies have to work with government, the public can do this by respecting the rights and the government will put the laws in place so that others respect your human rights too. For example, everyone has the right to life and this doesn’t only rely on the government to make sure you receive this right, but it also depends on those around you not to harm you in any way, this is why the government has put in laws to try and stop people from harming you so that you get that basic right.
Human Rights Timeline:
• Universal Declaration on Human Rights 1948
UDHR came into force on the 10th December 1948
European Convention on Human Rights 1950
ECHR came into force on the 3rd

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