The Human Rights Issue Of Abortion

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The controversy surrounding abortion is usually characterized by ethical, moral, and religious views, which are different from one group to another. Abortion has become an important issue, and has become part of an ideological element when discussing about politics and the establishment of laws across the world. The question of whether abortion is considered murder, or as part of contraception, can be examined through the definition of when life is really formed. While many religions condemn the act of abortion in its entirety, other groups, such as pro-choice, advocate for the power of a woman to make a decision on whether they would like to carry out the abortion or not. Therefore, there is a need to consider this phenomenon from a human rights perspective.
The study of human values and rights has been centered on decent human conduct. The definition of life, and particularly, at which exact point does life for a human being begin has always been a point of controversy. It is among the main reasons the concept of abortion is built on much uncertainty. In the event that decision makers come to a conclusion about the stage of life at which an unborn baby is not to be terminated, they will also be able to determine the rights and legal status of them, which will make laws clearer on the matter. For the opponents of abortion, a fetus is seen as a person, and that life begins as soon as conception has occurred.
For the parties that support pro-choice ideals, the idea

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