The Human Rights Of The Rohingya

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Human rights are important to everyone in the world. We all are humans deserving of freedom, ability to do act without being judged, and also have religious freedom. Most of us in the 1st world countries do not appreciate the rights and take it for granted. Over 160 countries are in violation of these human rights. In past week, a country in particular in getting international attention regarding human rights issues. This country is Myanmar, they are being accused by the world leaders and the United Nation for mistreating a minority group called Rohingya. There are many issues and controversies regarding the Rohingya people. To fully understand the issue, one must know the history of behind it, the depth of the issue, and the views of both sides of the argument for the issue.
Many people in Myanmar thinks that Rohingya are illegal immigrants that came to Myanmar in 1970's from Bangladesh. Many historian's belief that they have been living in Myanmar since the 8th centuries. Some of them migrated to Arakan during the British colonial age, which caused them to lose lineage to the Burmese country and were unable to return gain full citizenship if they return to Myanmar because of the law acted in 1823. Also, even for those who stayed, they are mostly unable to prove legibility for citizenships because they don’t have the proper legal documents. With their formal status as resident foreigners, they are not able to go as they please, denied for higher education and are

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