The Human Rights of Life, Liberty and Property Essay

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The Human Rights of Life, Liberty and Property

When Jack Donnelly said "Human rights are a social practice that aims to realize a particular vision of human dignity and potential by institutionalizing basic rights…." I immediately realized that to achieve this, the rights of life (race, religion, and gender), liberty and property are most vital. They are the most important rights in order to attain the aforementioned dignity in that they are the rights that touch our individual lives the most often and consistently. These three main rights, which make up our Human Rights Code, cover a variety of different areas dealing with human rights but are also able to fuse what really matters to human
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Religion should be a human right that everyone is entitled to choose because it provides a sanctuary for people in our extremely diverse world.

The last right that's important to human rights pertaining to life is that of gender. Gender is very important to human beings/rights because the world is separated into two distinct genders: male and females. If one group was to go against the other than the world would be divided unequally (leading to possible discrimination). This would not be beneficial to either males or females for the reason that neither side could ever reach a general consensus about different subjects and issues. Through this conflict, it would force both sides to stay separate and break the line of communication between the two that is necessary to developing positive lives for everyone. Human rights that deal with race, religion and gender are incredibly valuable as they help ensure that everyone is treated equally while limiting the separation, as well as preventing conflict, between different groups of people.

Liberty is a major part of our Human Rights Code in that it empowers us to freedom and speech, freedom of association and freedom from arbitrary arrest and confinement.[2] Freedom of speech is a very important asset for one to possess because without it many intelligent people would never be heard. There are many people in the world

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