The Right to Own Property Essay

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The Right to Own Property The United States of America was built on the ideals set forth by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America. Such ideals are held to the highest standards in our community to this day; like our right to the freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and the right to own property. Each of these rights are firmly stated in the Constitution, along with many other rights that citizens of the Untied States have. The ideals of our founding fathers were so profound that many other nations modeled their democracy after the Constitution put forth by the Americans. It is basic human rights that people should have the freedom of speech, religion, and press and the right to own property. And we …show more content…

The standing practice was that currency would remain in the hands of the military administration while valuables had to be transferred to the
Reich Central Bank in Berlin. In return for these valuables, the central bank transferred cash to the local administration equivalent to the value of the items it had received” (Arad 22). While the practices of this are inequitable, in the eyes of their Nazi dictatorship, it was considered fair. They would take the property of another human being and sell it so they could help their war effort to kill more people that were against the Nazi government. In no way is taking the valuables of these innocent victims just, and it is salt in the wound to sell their valuables to aid in their death. While the Nazi situation is confiscation to the extreme, the principles of the practice are around today. To some, hearing the word IRS might as well be hearing Nazi. The IRS is responsible for taxes, and the confiscation of property if taxes are not paid or taken care of. Back in the days of the founding fathers, the IRS was clearly not around, yet the confiscation of property, for reasons other then taxes, was happening. In the times of the Civil War, when the north and the south were at odds. Author John Syrett explains the Confiscation Acts of the civil war and how they did nothing to help the government. The Confiscation Acts were merely was to try and free slaves and any property actually seized from the

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