The Humanistic Structures That Intricately Build Personality

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This paper will discuss the humanistic structures that intricately build personality, according to Carl Rodgers and Gordon Allport in contrast to the unconscious and conscious formation of the self-according to Jung.

Carl Rogers proposed that personality

Allport approached psychology as a study of a healthy person.
Gordon Allport during his course of how personality is established Allport theorized that the developmental of personality was purely based on trait 1. Definition “dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustment to the environment
The primary unit of personality is a trait. Whereas these traits are qualitative rather than quantitative, and, therefore, …show more content…

Cardinal traits are dominant traits that begin to dictate and govern all parts of one 's life ( Allport,1971) furthermore added, that a cardinal trait allowed someone to predict another’s attitude because their whole philosophy on life was directed towards this “simplification of life.” An example would be Pope John PauI II, or Karol Wojtyla if you will. Wojtyla possessed the cardinal trait of selflessness. The Pope typically called upon his Catholic congregation to weed out their selfish desires and embark on a journey of reciprocal love, of which the exchange was equal. However, the Pope engaged in self-flagellation, presumably for penance for a sin he had committed. The ‘sound of penance’ was so loud it could be heard in adjoining rooms. For his selflessness in fellowship to God’s word, the Pope was consistently beating himself.
Central traits, the foci of development (Allport, p.26) on the other hand, are a handful of traits are considered to be particularly meaningful and descriptive of a particular person. Traits that appear depending on the situation, Allport refers to as secondary traits. Influence only a few behaviors, a person would not consistently express this trait. For example, a person may not be nervous, in general, however, when asked to play a concert in front of a large crowd, the nerves might take over.
Traits are in the middle of the

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