The Humble President After Honest Abe

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The Humble President after Honest Abe Not all presidencies can have historic events of Washington or Jefferson. Some presidencies are consumed with political infighting or fractionation. President Ulysses Grant was born April 27, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He graduated from US Military Academy at West Point in New York. He served from 1846 through 1854 when he quit the Army. He quit to spend time with his wife and four children. In 1860 Grant began to organize soldiers for the Union. In 1861 Grant was made colonel of a regiment in Illinois and served until the end of the Civil War. (Rumsch, 2009) By the end of the Civil war Grant was a general and received the surrender from General Robert E Lee from the Confederacy. From this record Grant became the Republican nominee for president after Andrew Johnson. He was the youngest man to be elected President at that time, the eighteenth president of the United States. President Grant’s terms of office were rife with corruption and upheaval. His presidency followed on the heels of the Civil War, the most divisive times in American history. “While the Civil War was over, the nation 's wounds bled. Some states even considered seceding again.” (Scheieler, 2013) During his presidency he fought for reconstruction and civil rights, he got the 15th amendment passed, tried to peaceable deal with the Indians, maintain the economy, increase safety and American influence abroad, and he increased the executive branches powers. He was a
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