The Hunger Games And Fahrenheit 451 Comparison

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The book I read for this first independent reading assignment is Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. This novel showed a dystopian world, in which books have been banned outright, and are being burned by the firemen. This work of fiction possessed many elements that had been shown in other works of literature that I had worked with in the past, though it also possessed definite differences, specifically Lord of The Flies, Ender's Game, and finally The Hunger Games.
The first of these works of literature that show connections and differences with my novel is Lord of The Flies by William Golding. In both novels, a concept that unites people is the fight between good and evil through the author's use of symbolism. In Golding’s novel, the separation between good and evil is symbolically shown in the followers of Jack and Ralph. In the followers of Jack, the animalistic traits of humanity show over those more civilized traits. However in the camp of Ralph, the traits of civilization attempt to thrive. This is such an interesting comparison, that people in the same situation can have such a vast range of reactions. This range of reactions and emotions is truly shown in Bradbury’s novel through the …show more content…

The common thread between these two novels is the author’s use of an oppressive conditions in the setting. In The Hunger Games, the oppressors are seen from the outside looking in. This is really shown in the character, Katniss Everdeen, and her struggle to escape this environment. However, in Bradbury’s work, the reader sees what it is like to be the oppressor. He spins the story in such a way that all appears normal in this exact area, however there are clearly problems on the fringe of this environment. This is a great example of viewpoint, and how the character’s background and societal norms play a large role in determining mood, and developing the

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