The Hunter's Room: A Narrative Fiction

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In a rusty old bar a knight sat drinking. He bragged to a couple of guys that all the ladies were after him. 'They all chase me,' he says. He gets the desired reaction. Hoots and cheers. The double doors squealed open. A blonde, fancy gal walked in eager for fun. She sat close to the man and greeted him with a smile. The guys all waited for a cheeky pick up or something, but the knight sat frozen. 4 months later... One man and his enemy were fighting till death. Nothing but water surrounded the crumbling block. The sun was shining and anything remotely alive was being crisped in the heat. A tall, elegant tower rest on the edge. It was nearly collapsing into the water. Damon, the knight watched as the restless dragon pawed at the ground. …show more content…

All he was after in life was his one true love, the princess. He'd always thought of asking her for her hand in marriage, but he was too shy. The princess got locked away when her life was in danger. There were men after her. They stalked her and she always felt like she was being watched. They would send her flowers with creepy notes and love letters. This was all too much, but she did have feelings for Damon. The monster was ten times bigger than him, but he was trying anyway. He tilted his head back and took a glance up at the tower. At the very top was the girl of his dreams, Damon overflowed with determination. The dragon roared a fire in his direction, making him leap. He scurried towards the entrance of the tower. Bolted through the doors and rushed up the stairs. At least 350 steps were to be tread. As he reached the room, he prayed that she would be happy to see him. The castle was neatly constructed, but the door was brown and infested with mould. The castle clearly doesn't get cleaned, because the floor was covered in filth. He reached for the handle, but paused to savour the moment. Damon took a deep breath and turned the handle. His eyes followed the edge of the door as it opened. He watched as she peacefully lay there. Too peacefully, he

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