The Idea Of Belief On Religion

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The Idea of Belief

The amount of information that exists that directly contradicts the belief in religion is astounding. I have no desire to accumulate the amount of information and force feed it into one argument. Not only would it take a great amount of energy, but it would be so long that the thrust of the argument would be lost. The best arguments are the shortest, they are concise and effective in that they say very much with very little. It is thought by many that the group of people that have the most reason, or inclination to be anti-religious are scientists; and of course this is a valid belief given all we have learned through science, and how contradicting science can be towards religion. However, another group of people have just as much or more reason to be anti-religious, and that group of people being none other than historians. Science often deals with complicated matters, most of which have never been addressed by religion, in fact they are too complex and too sophisticated to even be paired with religion. History however, has shown us, through empirical discovery, facts that contradict religion and prove the falsity of religion. They also have gone, and continue to go, to the point that they are showing how religion was created, and perhaps the most interesting of all, why they were created. At this point I should address an anticipated rebuttal- there have been facts proving religion. Any “facts” that have been shown to prove any truth in religion
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