The Ideas Of Reading And Writing

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The ideas of reading and writing seem intertwined, in order to do one of them you must be able to do the other. Which, makes both equally as powerful as the other in language and literature. Most authors who talk about the ideology of reading and writing compose their works mainly based off of outside sources, mainly. However, author/comic writer Alison Bechdel composes a story about writing the story and the troubles and hardships she encountered while writing. This oddly more intricate story though offers a deeper look into Bechdel’s personal life in which she explains her own thoughts as an omnipotent narrator. As the narrator of her own story – showing the character’s (herself) actual thoughts apart from dialogue – Bechdel introduces …show more content…

She accidentally blocked the easy way of confronting her about the memoir she’s writing about her father. So now she’s left with the only choice of climbing through a tiny window filled with dirt, cobwebs and spiders. As the dream continues though she realizes there’s a large door behind her which leads to a body of water with stepping stones. She’s found what seems like an easier way out that even lays out the path for her. When she steps on the first rock, instead of being safe, she falls into the water. This symbolizing that there’s no real path to confronting her mother, she has to just dive into talking to her mother about what seems to be a touchy situation. So, dive in she did. Now instead of a basement, Bechdel is in her car when traffic starts to appear while she’s reciting what she wants to say to her mother. In the comic there are road work signs and shoulder closing which symbolize the bumpy path she’s about to encounter and how the road as she goes along it only gets narrower and more dangerous. This is when the story she writes of her father begins but she soon realizes she cannot “live and write at the same time.” She holds a close encounter with death from a Stroehmann Sunbeam Bread truck – the same kind of truck her father jumped in front of in the attempt and success of suicide. When confronting her mother about the memoir on her father, Bechdel was still writing about

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