The Iliad And The Battle Of Thermopylae

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Bing! Bang! Boom! Cannons, bombs, destruction, arrows, swords, fists, and guns are things that we associate with war. But, what is war? Is war a fight? Is war a disagreement? Is war a conflict? Are all wars bloody? Are all wars violent? Are violence and war inversely related? Are all wars politically motivated? Are Wars self motivated? War is described as described as being “collective violence waged between violence waged between two or more opposing groups that have been armed and organized for that purpose.”(Lecture) In ancient texts such as the Iliad, Thucydides ’Funeral Oration’, and Herodotus on the Battle of Thermopylae all show how war was an essential part of life in the ancient world. The Iliad was one of the “first works of …show more content…

"(Iliad pg1-2) Hector compared how being an unmarried man, would be better than not participating in the war. The Greek society was very much a war society because men who did not participate in the war were considered cowards and dishonorable. Not being in the war affected a persons reputation as an individual. It also questioned a person’s loyalty. Loyalty to the Greek’s meant that you stood by your government’s side even till death. Having honor meant you had a good personal identity amongst fellow Greeks because it showed that you valued loyalty. Humans have this instinctive need to compete for power whether that is for money, fame, territory, honor, or even glory because everyone wants to be remembered, loved, admired, and powerful. During the age of the Polis between 800-333 BCE, the first Greek city-states were created. “This was the first record of conflict between church and state.”(Riley) The Polis shared cultural assumptions and institutions, which caused a lot of turmoil for the Greeks. Territorial sovereignty caused because it gave the state the right to exercise its powers within the boundaries of its

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