The Iliad By Homer

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The Iliad is a collection of poems by Homer describing the 10-year siege on Troy by Greeks in what is now famously referred to as the Trojan War. Several Greek and Trojan characters are worth a special mention in these Homeric poems because of the roles they played in the battles before the war was won, how they conducted themselves to help eventually win the war for their side. This paper specifically investigates the writings in the Homeric poems to look are important in the overall text. The author, Homer, portrays a society utilizing poetic fiction. He describes how humans directly talked and interacted with divine beings (Raaflaub 469), an act that can be seen in page forty six of the Iliad which starts by describing a dream that …show more content…

One can see this in page ninety-seven in which he portrays Agamemnon describing another man as fighting like wild animal and had a big heart and that he always led his soldiers from the front (vanguard) (Homer 97). Death is also a theme in the Iliad. The theme is evident in the poem as the author narrates on several occasions of terrible deaths on both sides in the war, for instance, in page 103 he narrates how the fighting fields were filled with streams of blood owing to the many deaths (Homer 103). Apart from hundreds of people being killed in the fields, it is also evident that the armies which fought back then were not disorganized. The advanced battle formations were also evident in the Iliad as Homer depicted infantry formations in some of the battles. Furthermore, the poet writes of how the captains and soldiers fought in formations and how some platoons were specialized each with its own special weapons for different battles. For example, in page ninety-six he says that leader of the platoon reviewed his unit rank by rank. Besides advanced formations the battles were also fought in a cycle. Most of the Battles described by Homer go as follows: the victorious side is often made up of numerous loosely structured groups of soldiers often united by bonds of companionship and subordination. The battles are usually fought on open fields where at any given

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