The Illusion Of Technology

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The Illusion of Technology The thinking process of a child’s mind is one of the most significant aspects of their development. The neuropathways intrinsically wired into the central nervous system can be incredibly impacted by the rapid over load that technology constantly exposes children to. A child’s brain is like a sponge, and when electronic devices are repeatedly absorbed, there are some serious long term effects. This can hinder children’s physiological development, attention span, reading comprehension, and emotional behavior. Modern age should be very cautious regarding the replacement of organic authentic aspects of life with that of screens and gadgets. Substituting hands on interaction with hardware is hindering sensory intake from the beautiful world surrounding us. This could potentially lead to a narrow perception and lack of awareness, especially in the growing young cognitive mind. Technology has a significant negative impact on children, and should be closely monitored and limited. It is a common theory that the technology benefits children in their process into adulthood. The invention of technology has resulted in magnificent outcomes. It’s no wonder society has encouraged the mind set of “tech savvy” children. Some of these technological applications have shown to help cognitive skills, social belonging, and increase the ability to take in information within distractions at an increased rate (How Technology is changing the way Children Think and Focus).
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