The Immigrants

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The Immigrants

The immigrants, great people who basically settle at one place forever. Though these people are amazing people who settle at different places, sometimes permanently. Sometimes they live in the same house for generation to generation on and on again. The thing is that they do that if they scored on some great land.

Though the sheer fact is that they move from one place and permanently live there is quite strange. The fact is that is they picked the wrong spot, they sell there land and move to someplace else. Though sometimes they live in the outbacks where they can collect food. Sometimes the immigrants carry weapons to fend themselves off from cowboys. Though the cowboys sometimes get through the people and loot their places. …show more content…

Some of them are part of the slave trade. They are used for labor on farms and used for slavery and all this other things. Sometimes they come over here to trade goods to become rich, make settlements and probably become amazingly

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