Warmth of the Other Suns - George Swanson

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Jose Figueroa Social Inequality Dr. Brown 11/10/2014 Draft Paper ­ George Swanson Isabel Wilkerson’s book “The Wrath of Other Suns” is a the story of the Great Migration in the United States, the exodus of more than six million black Americans out of Jim Crow and how they migrated looking for a better life or just to survive to the North and West. It was a mass movement of common people that took over six decades, from the 1910’s to the 1970’s. It takes place around the center of the twentieth century American history and in some ways, it’s still an unfolding story. American cherish the idea of freedom, however that same idea wasn’t for everyone throughout the…show more content…
Many researcher have blamed the migrants of the problems that faced the North and the West cities when they moved there since they were considered poor or illiterate, which it was claimed, brought the social ill of joblessness or welfare dependency. However, moving to the North or the West didn’t promise anybody land but it “did” promise higher wages were when they did migrate over there, they would find economic inequality in the sense of the offset of rent being higher and other economic factors that would replace the segregation and lynchings that were enforced by the whites in the South. Swanson, even though he got stucked in an dead end job for 40 years since he didn’t had the education to continue going forward, he reached levels of economic and social stability that would have been impossible in the South. Wilkerson’s book demonstrates with discussion of political and social history and sociological studies of cities and migration routes the profound courage by million of migrants in their decision to leave the South. By them living their home, they were in the pursuit of freedom, citizenship rights that had being theirs
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