The Immortality Of Hela Cells

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Vishalkumar Patel
The Immortality of HeLa Cells God created everything good and men’s efforts towards creativity by using technology makes it better. Tissue culture is the technique that involves removal of cells, tissues or organs from the animal or plant and their subsequent placement in to an artificial environment suitable for their growth, which mimic the in-vivo environment from which it derived. In culture, cancer cells can grow indefinitely, if they have continuous supply of nutrients and environmental conditions and thus it called “immortal”, and cells from this tissue called cell line (Skloot,5). One of the important things that revolutionize the medical field was HeLa cell line derived from cervical cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks a black African-American woman died at 12:15 a.m. on October 4, 1951(Skloot,86). Dr. Wharton had shaved a dime sized tissue from her cervical tumor and that tissue was given to the Dr. George Gey who was the head of tissue-culture research at Johns Hopkins Hospital (Skloot,33). George was a first person who developed the technique to grow HeLa cells form cervical tissue of Henrietta Lacks in his lab and given the name HeLa after the first two initials of Henrietta’s first and last names (Skloot,37).
In order to determine function of cells and to evaluate certain theory concerning the cause and treatments of disease, cell line needed for that must have immortal property means able to grow indefinitely. However, the normal

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