The Impact Of Immigration On Australia 's Terms Of Society And Economy

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STUDENT NAME: Tung Thanh Doan(Daniel)
Class: 5BEFS
Student number: 18188122
Teacher: Levent & Ashley Carmody

Whether immigration might bring benefits to a country or not is a controversial topic. In recent years, many migrants have left their countries to look for a better life, especially in developed countries. It is believed that immigrants can have many negative effects on a country because of social disturbances. This essay will examine the impacts of immigration on Australia in terms of society and economy.
It has been seen that society might be more plentiful when the country have more foreigners. Every country also have their own cultural beauties, with many customs and habits, with the traditional and modern features. Australian society is increasingly diverse thanks to the arrival of many cultures and traditions from more than 200 countries around the world. Many new cultural characteristics appeared and interference with the local culture, that have a profound impact to the life of immigrants as well as native speakers. Cultural sectors affected most from immigration is probably cuisine and festivals. This is a multicultural country, therefore it can be able to find enough dining style here. For example, the cuisine from barbecue to “English breakfasts”, or Chinese, Japan, Thailand, Greece food are easily served in Australia. The reason is that immigrants have brought culinary culture of their

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