The Impact Of Immigration On The Diversity Of A Countries Society

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We live in a world that is constantly growing closer and father apart. Conflicts within and across countries have a tremendous effect on not only the people who live in these places, but the relationship among other countries as well. Immigration places a huge role in the diversity of a countries society. Through the interaction and integration of certain resources, people, and religions, conflict is increased within and across these areas. We see these up rises in places such as France and India.
Throughout the years, many of France’s immigrants have come from European countries and the Maghreb countries throughout North Africa. Many of the Maghreb ins settled in large cities across France in places such as Marseilles and Paris. In France, the men from North Africa are known for owning jobs in the construction and factory areas. The women on the other hand are known for not working as much as the men do. But when the women do work, they employ in jobs such as domestic work and child care. But these women do not only have jobs to be aware about. They also need to pay close attention on how they present themselves based on their religion. Through the expansion of religion around the world, religious beliefs play a crucial role within a countries society. Islamic traditions of women are traditionally diverse throughout the world and numerous styles are presented around the world today. As Avruch (19) addresses, culture is socially and psychologically distributed within and

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