The Impact Of Internet Legislation On The Internet

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The goal of the legislation was to improve the access of the internet and to allow the consumers to receive equal access to all internet sites no matter what provider they are using. This allows people to select the applications or sites they wish to get their information, giving them a freedom not many have. As shown before these companies have been fined and reprimanded for breaking the law, however this brings forth a probe to see if this policy been successful in creating an equal internet for the consumer. According to CBS NL it states that the dutch legislation raised the over population of 84% avidly use the internet in 2012 versus the 78% of people in 2005. The statistics presented by the Central Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) show that as the internet evolved people became more dependent on the internet leading to an expansion of people using the internet (CBS 2012). Additionally, the Netherlands holds the highest percentage of internet users than in most developed countries in Europe (CBS). However, as we see that more people in the Netherlands use the internet ISPs also introduced a raise in prices to help with the lost revenue the law created. Although consumers were being charged more many advocates still see it as a victory by stopping ISPs from raising the prices significantly higher than the are now creating a consensus between the ISPs and its consumers.
China Net Neutrality Legislation
While we see that the Netherlands Telecommunication Act is for the

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