The Impact Of Literature On Literature And The Social View Of Poetry

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Literature possess the capability to vastly influence the world, and those who find a way to impact literature drive the powerful influence. Few people in the history of literature publicized as many thoughts and critical views as T.S. Eliot, and by disseminating his opinions throughout the literature world, Eliot found a way to communicate new perspectives and tastes in literature (Worthen). Born in the fall of 1888, T.S. Eliot grew up to become one of the most influential poets of all time, as he found a unique way of communicating through literature. Sometimes referred to as the “keeper of the language” or the “model poet of our time” Eliot presented powerful criticisms of society, while brilliantly presenting his ideas through essays …show more content…

Containing stories, news, and opinions of both T.S. Eliot and others who wrote about him, The Letters of T.S. Eliot offer an inside perspective on Eliot’s life.. In Volume 1 of the revised edition of the letters Patrick Query describes how T.S. Eliot felt so much passion for culture and how it must improve (Letters, Volume 1). In the volume, the writer states that Eliot started a movement to modernize literature all on his own. Eliot contained such a strong passion for making the world a better place, that as society generally acted apathetic towards life, Eliot strived for a culture where people actually inserted energy and passion into life. Also, in John Worthen’s biography of T.S. Eliot, the author believes Eliot focused the entire masterpiece of Four Quartets on illustrating to his audience despite painful times in life, people must focus more on the beauty of life (Worthen). Devoting much of his literature career to impacting society, Eliot often focused on changing the lack of enthusiasm culture contained. Besides driving culture forward in passion for life, Eliot lived at the forefront of contemporary literature. Before the 20th century, literature followed many traditions and guidelines throughout its poems, essays, novels, and plays, but T.S. Eliot played a significant role in bringing about literary modernism. One of Eliot’s great works, Four Quartets

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