The Impact Of Media Coverage On The Public Perception Of Missing Children

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There are many missing children in the world today. We as a society go about our daily activities not thinking about the criminal actions of others. We are not faced with the concerns of crimes unless we are the victims. We depend on communication outlets to stay updated with local, state and international events. The actual number of children missing is alarming and yet unknown.
Influences on the public perception
The writer of this chapter pinpointed the views of the world in a great way. There are many influences on the public perception of missing children. During the reading, it was noted that media coverage has a significant impact on society’s point of view. News media focus on sensational cases to determine the public’s perception of child abductions. (Kappeler & Potter, p.54) This influence can be positive and negative creating fears and myths. The news stories and developing information regarding missing children determines the interest level of viewers. It has been determined that society craves drama and action in the news and entertainment. The horror stories make great media attention. Therefore, the idea of pictures of missing children allows viewers to relate on a visual level. (Kappeler & Potter, p.54) It was enlightening to see that facts presented in the media can be distorting. The creation of stereotypes regarding the offenders can be misleading as well. The first assumptions we have as a community of the suspects; naturally, they are…
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