The Impact Of Medicare And Medicaid On Health Care

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Question No. 1
Since the 1965 some major changes have occurred within Health Services. One change that occurred specifically was in 1965 Medicaid and Medicare brought Federal and State government into direct financing of medical care. The result of Medicare and Medicaid escalated in the overall cost of health care. Medicare and Medicaid also resulted in more federal regulations and modified direction of technological change in medicine. The increased role of health care services expenditure in the total gross domestic product has provided us with information the health care costs have been continually increasing. When enacted Medicare reimbursed hospitals on a cost basis, but in 1983 HCFA began to pay hospitals using DRGs, which pay a
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Theses technologies, if they replace more costly treatments or those of lesser quality in terms of efficaciousness, the result will be lower costs and better outcomes for the patient and the healthcare system (citiation)
Question No. 2 Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what is “right” and what is “wrong.” I would have to say that ethics is more demanding than law. Law is the minimum performance required. Law is a system of principles and rules for human conduct that arises from a society’s value system (citiation). Professions demand compliance with the law, but they have codes of ethics that hold members to high standards. The law falls behind ethics. Law is backed by power of the state to compel, to punish and coerce compensation of loss. Where is ethics there are principles of conduct, which cultures generally agree upon. Ethics is both a source for the law and a function of the law. It is not necessarily true that what is lawful is ethical and what is unlawful is unethical.
The U.S strives for an ethically health care system. There are many examples that prove that the law will fall behind ethics. One example that demonstrates an issue in healthcare that presents legal and ethical considerations is the use of electronic medical records (EMR). EMRs several as several challenges to patient’s privacy, EMR are set to provide data only to those health care provider that
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